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January 16, 2018

Land of Peace & Palms

A trail of shimmering bubbles in our wake, the hull of the Hirokawa Maru slowly takes form as we descend, first as a faint shadow against […]
January 13, 2018

The King’s Gold

It’s a rocky ride over to Savo Island, the hunk of land I’d seen earlier from my Honiara hotel balcony. Although a volcanic island that continues […]
September 1, 2017

Canberra Crew Lie in Silent Company

A moving ceremony at the site of Australia’s worst wartime naval loss ended a week of commemorations of the World War II Battle of Guadalcanal in […]
August 7, 2017

A World War II Hero Remembers Guadalcanal

August 7 marks the 75th anniversary of one of the most brutal battles of World War II, the Battle of Guadalcanal. World War II veteran Roy […]
July 1, 2017


From the air, the Solomon Islands archipelago looks like a tropical island paradise – and it is. But just over 70 years ago, this was the […]
June 8, 2017

Have Snorkel will Travel

“You forgot the snorkels??” I couldn’t believe it, but our guide Nelson was so wide-eyed and good-natured that staying angry for more than a minute or […]
May 30, 2017

Diving WWII Wrecks in the Solomon Islands

2017 will mark the 75th anniversary of the WWII battle for Guadalcanal where the advance of the Japanese imperial forces across the Pacific was halted by […]
May 14, 2017


Eight divers titter as we settle into our live board’s spacious interior salon, where briefings are augmented by maps and critter lists displayed on a big-screen […]
May 1, 2017


The Battle of Guadalcanal, in the Solomon Islands, marked a turning point in WWII. This year marks the 75th Anniversary of that decisive combat. Planning is […]