Wagosia Festival

Wagosia is a remnant of ancient culture originated and practiced by the people of East Makira. This is a traditional Spear fighting and yam harvesting festival. All the people take part in the wagosia festivities as well as visitors. Listen to local chants and inspiring tales of their ancestors.

Date: 14 – 15 June

Location: Santa Catalina, Makira Province

WWII Commemoration

Solomon Islands gift to the world is Freedom! Remembering the Solomon Islands coast watchers that helped Americans stop Japan from invading the Pacific that led to Freedom - on this land Guadalcanal! 76 years on, the country will commemorate those who lost their lives during the battle.

Date: 7 August

Location: Honiara

Shell Money Festival

A cultural celebration of the traditional uses of Shell Money as once a Solomon Islands Traditional Currency. Still used today in modern society for settling disputes, bride price and gifts. Don’t miss 3 days of cultural displays, demonstrations and entertainment performed by the people of Langalanga Lagoon.

Date: 13 – 15 August

Location: Langalanga Lagoon, Malaita

Lagoon Festival

A cultural festival of the people of Roviana Lagoon. People from all over Roviana Lagoon gather in Munda for this event of festivity and celebration. All villages parade in show and style with floats both on water and land. A lot of cultural and water based activities including competitions. The signature activity is the Alec Wickham Swim, which falls on the last day.

Date: 20 – 28 September

Location: Munda, Western Province

Dive Festival

The annual Dive Festival is a celebration of the magnificent experiences Solomon Islands has to offer to the local and international Dive Community. A weeklong of Dive activities, cultureal experiences, seminars and competitions to win return drive trips. You wouldn’t want to miss this exciting Solomon Islands dive experience

Date: 2 – 6 October

Location: Honiara and Tulagi, Central Provinc

Stunned Mullet

The Great Western 2017 Fishing Tournament annually held at the Zipolo Habu Resort in the magnificent Vonavona lagoon. A great weekend of Fishing, Fun and Festivities.


Date: 31 October – 1 November

Location: Vonavona Lagoon, Western Province

MACFest 2018

The 6th Melanesian Arts and Cultural Festival "MACFEST" is coming back to where the inaugural festival was held in 1998 - Solomon Islands.A celebration of Melanesian Arts and Culture bringing Melanesians from around the Pacific Region, extending to Torres StraitsISlands of Australia, Papuan Region of Indonesia and Timor Leste.

Date: 1st - 10 July 2018

Location: Honiara

For more information and detailed program visit MACFest official website

Surfing Competition

Western Solomon Islands Surfing Association is hosting a surfing competition on December. The competition will take place at the Western Province surfing hot spots – Paelonge and Titiana, Gizo. The competition will involve local youths and overseas visitors to participate.

Date: December (TBC)

Location:  Gizo, Western Province

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