Cultural Stay

There is no better way to experience the true culture and way of life in the Solomons than with a cultural village stay, where you will be introduced to the locals and learn their customs. Your money will be reinvested into the communities so that the local people benefit.

in the Solomon Islands

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Aotaha Cave Lodge

From $80 AUD

Aotaha Caves provides realize opportunities for our guests around the globe to visit this unique...

Bataiasi Village Stay


From $40 to $50 AUD

The Bataiasi Homestay accommodation in the Langa Langa Lagoon, near Auki, Solomon Islands is set...

Oravae Cottage


From $150 to $700 AUD

Ever dreamt of escaping to your own private island? Leave the rat race well and truly behind at...

Titiru Eco Lodge


Titiru Eco Lodge lies between Egholo and Ugele Villages on Rendova Island. The bush-land setting...

Conflict Bay Lodge


From $83 to $92 AUD

At the Conflict Bay Lodge, the beds and accommodation are basic but different from a Western...

Kagata Village Stay


Unlike Fiji or French Polynesia, this remote corner of Melanesia sees very few tourists, and as...

Urilolo Eco Lodge


From $70 to $70 AUD

Urilolo Lodge has an absolute beachfront location facing west, offering fantastic sunset views....

Verarane Lodge


From $27 to $27 AUD

Verarane Lodge is the perfect budget accommodation for all. A homestay style, it has stunning...

Hambere Village Stay


Hambere Village Stay is a cultural stay with 2 bungalows available that overlook the lagoon.

Kogubulena Village Stay


From $39 to $39 AUD

Kogubulena Village stay is a new accommodation based in Egholo Village, Rendova island just off...

Zela Adventure Lodge


From $50 to $167 AUD

Zela adventure lodge offers a picturesque, tranquil setting with their private bungalows and...

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