Raiders Hotel & Dive

From $85 to $152 AUD

Raiders Hotel & Dive is a small boutique hotel owned and operated by expatriate Kiwi’s Bob and Yvie.  Located in the small township of Tulagi in the historical Central Province (a.k.a. Florida Islands) of the Solomon Islands. Situated on the waterfront of Tulagi Island overlooking the tranquil waters of Tulagi Harbour and onward to the hills and forests of Ngella.  Peace and quiet guaranteed.

Raiders Hotel & Dive caters mainly to recreational divers and dive groups who are attracted by the opportunity to dive multiple WW2 aircraft & ship wrecks. Additionally they have easy access to number of pristine reefs and wall dives with an abundant selection of corals, reef fish and pelagic species. All dives are by boat and all within 10-15 minutes travel time from Raiders.

For the non-diver, Raiders Hotel & Dive is the ideal weekend getaway  Just an hour by boat from Honiara and you can spend the days swimming, snorkeling, hiking, bird-watching, exploring the history of Tulagi or curl up with a good book in a waterfront hammock and relax the weekend away.  Stay on your own, with a friend or bring the kids, plenty to do for all.

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