The main port of entry into the Solomon Islands is at Henderson International Airport on the island of Guadalcanal; situated approximately 15 minutes drive from the airport is the capital, Honiara. 

The town lies on the northern coastline and has a small picturesque sea port at Point Cruz; you will enjoy the hustle and bustle of Honiara and the many things there is to see and do.

While Honiara is located on the wrong side of Guadalcanal Island where sandy beaches are in short supply, there are lots of great beaches and picnic spots along the western coast, most of which are located within 10 minutes of the capital.

Honiara is the Solomon Islands' springboard for tourism activities. The Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau is located on Honiara's main thoroughfare, Mendana Avenue and we provide tourist information and can radio ahead to announce visitors' arrivals to guest houses in the more remote areas. Honiara has a harbour from which ferries depart to the various provinces. 
Honiara is the heart of the Solomons, from here you can book all your Solomon Islands adventures...
You have plenty of accommodation options in Honiara - whether you're looking for luxury or budget, you'll find something to suit...
Little is known about the early history of the Solomons, however excavations indicate life as early as 1000B.C...
Accommodation Activities
Accomodation Activities
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