Bataiasi Village Stay

From $40 to $50 AUD

The Bataiasi Homestay accommodation in the Langa Langa Lagoon, near Auki, Solomon Islands is set close to the water's edge in the village. Its leaf roof makes it cool on hot days, and there are three guest rooms. Meals and entertainment are in separate buildings close by.

Stay with us and experience real village life in a traditional style and setting. Listen to very old stories of the establishment of the shell money, and historical stories like the woman giving birth to a baby shark, which you will not hear anywhere else in Langa Langa lagoon. Through the area you can see the many settled man made islands, and ship building yards. The Langa Langa people are the only makers of the shell money in the Solomon Islands. We are also the only wooden boat ship builders of the Solomon Islands and continue to build artificial islands of stone.

Around our property, enjoy the views of peaceful and clear waters of the lagoon, reefs, and many abandoned islands which were once island villages washed away by tidal waves.

Bataiasi Village Stay

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